Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Honoring promises is high on my list of requirements in being a person of integrity. Basically, whenever someone fails to follow through on a promise (with the exception of giving a reasonable excuse for backing out on their word) it registers as a betrayal. Whenever I've had a promise made to me broken it has affected me adversely. If you've ever been stood up then you understand where I'm coming from. No one likes to be forgotten or dumped upon. Frankly, it hurts!

Personally I would rather be told no in the first place. I would respect that honest response. It is worse to have someone back out on you at the last minute with some lame excuse.
I have experienced the intimidating demands from the bully in the school yard or the from the overbearing boss at work. We agree to outrageous terms from these individuals to secure our bodily safety and financial security. We soon learn to skip recess to avoid the bully and shirk our duties whenever the boss' head is turned away.
Are you are making too high of demands on the people in your life? Ask Yourself....
Is your personality overtly forceful in dealing with others?
Do you take advantage of the people in your life that have difficulty saying no?
Do you feel your priorities should always come first?
Is it important for you to always have your way?
That's what on my mind tonight...

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